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Can You REALLY Record a Song on Your iPhone?!?

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 What do these IK Multimedia products all have in common? 
They are tools that you can use to record […]

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan and supporter of tech hardware and software for singers. Companies like IK Multimedia and TC Helicon have helped to make the voice recognizable as an “instrument” by providing apps and hardware vocal processors to add vocal effects such as doubling, reverb, harmony production, and more. Now vocalists […]

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Is Falsetto Bad for Your Voice?!?

IS USING FALSETTO BAD FOR YOU? Over the years I’ve heard multiple singers and coaches share the belief that falsetto bad for the voice. From my experience, all I can say is that falsetto has been a wonderful tool for my personal vocal development. Still, some will argue that falsetto adds little value to building […]

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The VenderaVox Trainer Kit

Hello singers, The VenderaVOX Trainer kit is now available. For those who have been waiting to order, order your VenderaVOX HERE. For those still curious about this amazing vocal warmup and training device, read on: Let me start by saying that my latest book, Rebalance Your Voice goes live for sale next week. This book […]

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Interview with Tony Harnell

Singers, friends, music lovers, and fans of true singing, here’s a very special interview with icon, Tony Harnell. Mr. Harnell is known for his angelic voice and superb songwriting work with TNT, Westworld, Mercury Train, the Wildflowers, to name but a few of his projects. In this interview, Tony shares all things “voice” by looking […]

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Are Your Fears and Doubts Preventing You From Achieving Musical Success?

If the title of this blog post rings true, then my latest book, Mind over Music was written for you! Mind over Music was born when my curiosity got the best of me. You see, my friend, Joe Vitale (The Secret, At Zero, Anything Is Possible) was never a musician, but he loved music so […]

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I’m loving my iRig Pro I/O

Hello singers, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about IK Multimedia. In truth, it’s not because I don’t still love the company. I just haven’t needed any new equipment for some time. Well, the time for new equipment is now, and I want to tell you about my latest purchase, the iRig Pro I/O, […]

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Superior Sinus Health

Hey singers, just a little log to tell you about a new spray I found for singers who suffer from sinus issues, I, being one of them. When I sneeze, it is like a cat stuck on repeat. I will sneeze 60 to 70 times. It is the one thing tat really messes up my […]

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What is a pocketVox???

After two years, I guess I can come clean…During the summer of 2014, while performing on a television show in Tokyo, Japan, I had a shard of wineglass pierce the back of my throat as the glass exploded in my hand from the sound of my voice. It felt like a terrible bite and I […]

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Jaime Vendera is coming to Poland!!!

Vocal Strength & Fitness Workshops Jaime Vendera (MythBusters, Raise Your Voice, Tuned XD) & Scientific Secrets of the Singing Voice Workshop Dr. Ilter Denizoglu (doctorVox, pocketVox)   Glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera is returning to Krakow, Poland to teach his techniques for voice strength and stamina training. Jaime is also proud to announce that […]

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