711 Press

Though Jaime Vendera is most-known for his glass breaking voice and vocal coaching, he also has an unusual passion for writing fiction novels. Due to his use of his Mindset Program from his book “Unleash Your Creative Mindset”, Jaime’s mind is a 24/7 non-stop idea factory. When he isn’t developing new vocal training programs, he works with his 711 Press writing partner, Daniel Middleton, to develop unique fiction story lines for their “Movie and TV book” releases. Movie books and TV books are shorter length books that can be read in the same amount of time it takes to watch a movie or television show. This approach allows Jaime and Daniel to construct story lines, write fantasy and adventure plots, and then hand their ideas over to their select team of 711 press authors.

Jaime says, “My creative mindset is always in overdrive, so 711 Press is a way for me to allow my creativity to flow endlessly.”

If you love crime drama, epic fantasy, horror, sci-fi fantasy, spy action &adventure, space sagas, apocalyptic, YA fantasy, you’ll love Jaime Vendera’s 711 Press. Learn about 711 Press books on the 711 Press ABOUT page. Discover the entire 711 Press line on the 711 Press CURRENT TITLES page.